About US

Our involvement in BBQ started when we were both young growing up and QN with our Dads.

 I started when I was young helping my  Dad out at his BBQ Beer Joint, Hwy 95 Cafe in Taylor,TX in the 70’s.  This was his dream, which he opened when he retired from the Navy .   Unfortunately it only lasted a few years.  But he still would cook BBQ from his backyard for weddings and social events .  If he only could have seen where his love of BBQ led me!

 As for Doug, he and his dad would cook BBQ for Family events and social occasions and later after Doug and I married, we formed a BBQ Competition Team, Daddy’s Team ( Daddy was our sponsor and a member!).

 BBQ has afforded us many opportunities and what a ride it has been !  I would never have imagined where our Hobby would lead us !  We’re anticipating the future and what it has to hold.



Our History

Doug and I started BBQ competing in 2001.  We have competed together and independently beginning in 2004.

 We started out cooking as Daddy’s Team and later I started cooking on my  own as Daddy’s Better Half.. Later we formed a business selling rubs,smokers and catering and Doug’s team name  became Ritter’s BBQ and mine Ritter’s BBQ Too!  

 Together and separately we have many awards, BBQ has been good to us.  We have won Reserve Grand at the American Royal Open  in Kansas City.  We have both been drawn and attended the Jack Daniel's BBQ in Lynchburg,TN. I have been drawn twice, 2006 and 2008. Doug was drawn in 2008 also, that was exciting.  I don’t know if a husband and wife have ever competed in the same year there.

 Doug has been #1 cook in IBCA in 2007 and 2nd in 2008.  I myself, as has Doug, have been in the top 5 and 10 in several organizations almost every year since we started competing. We have been members of LSBS,IBCA,CTBBQA,TGCBBQA,and KCBS.

 Our BBQ has allowed us opportunities to meet many celebrities and for them to eat some of our BBQ. Bobby Flay (he loved our Brisket), Chef Art Smith, got to show my smoker off to him and he loved my  Pork Butt.   These guys loved our ribs and brisket, Cal Ripkin Jr., Howie Long, Roger Clemens, Cris Collinsworth (he took a rack of our ribs with him) and Evander Holyfield ( he didn’t get to eat our BBQ as he was fasting, but his son did and took a plate home for later!).

  BBQ competing is addictive and has led us to many ventures,  We sold  Backwoods Smokers for about 11 years.  Looking for a better consistency led us to develop our own rubs, Ritter's BBQ Rubs and Injection Marinades.

   We also, after many request , started giving BBQ classes in 2010.  Many of our students have gone on on to be very successful in BBQ competitions and we are ohh soo proud of them !  And now our new adventure !



Our Promise

We believe in customer satisfaction, so know that we will be there for you with any product you purchase from us!

We also have had many Happy Customers who have catered our BBQ.  So if your looking for a BBQ Caterer give us a call, we promise you’ll be Happy you did !





GC Ice Chest  Trophy

      Giddings, TX